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  1. Fabbrichiamo armate ebraiche estremiste . . .
    Cosi’ distruggiamo Izrail sanza bisogno di fare noi la guerra . da :
    | |
    Sul giornale JORDANZAD di Amman il columnist M . Mamedabid spiega
    come si fa a eliminare Izrail sanza bisogno di sconfiggerla militarmente .
    Eh si’ . Gli Arabi devono fare agli Ebrei
    quanto essi pensano che gli Ebrei
    abbiano fatto per mettere le nazioni Arabe a soqquadro .
    In pratica proprio quanto da secoli e millennj fanno i duci boss , i faraoni ,
    gli ILLUMINATI , CFR & Co : cosche e armate faraoniche
    spacciate per mafia ebraica .
    In gran segreto gli Arabi debbono creare e finanziare
    una organizzazione ebraica estremistica , capace di far sembrare Al Qaeda ,
    in confronto , una scolaresca di educande bambine scout .
    Tale organizzazione dovra’ a gran voce propugnare l’ assassinio di tutti gli Arabi ,
    Cristiani e Musulmani , in Medio Oriente . Tramite finanziamenti Arabi segreti ,
    si scatenera’ in campagne terroristiche e in uccisioni di Gentili , come dire , di
    non – ebrei , per tutta la regione mediorientale . Nel frattempo gli Stati Arabi
    proclameranno di sostenere i ‘ ‘ partiti Israeliani moderati ‘ ‘ , eppertanto
    renderanno cosi’ ancor piu’ potenti i gruppi ebraici terroristi . Gli estremisti ebraici
    cominceranno a uccidere gli ebrei laici e di Sinistra , e cosi’ scateneranno la guerra civile .
    Alla finfine gli ‘ ‘ Ebrei Estremisti ‘ ‘ prenderanno in mano il paese intero , grazie ai
    finanziamenti Arabi segreti coi petroldollari ; e l ‘ Occidente si rovoltera ‘ contro Izrail ,
    che avra ‘ fatto vedere il suo vero volto di schifoso stato razzista .
    E Izrail scomparira ‘ in un vortice di combatimenti intestini e nella guerra civile . . . |_

    _| Non posso stare a aspettare , devo pubblicare il magistral Editoriale Ammannito
    da Amman , ante i primi ASSEGNI surrettiziamente spediti da Amman
    raggiungano i destinatarj : ALL’ ORDINE gli Zeloti del Monte del Tempio ,
    i Neturei Karta e affini , per la concreta realizzazione del geniale piano .
    Firmato ELDER – Anziano Savio di Tzion

    original da elder @
    Jordanian columnist : ” How to destroy Israel without war ”
    Posted : 6 Aug 2013 5:01 AM PDT An op – ed in Jordanzad discusses how
    to get rid of Israel without defeating it militarily . You see , the Arabs
    need to do to the Jews what the Arabs think the Jews did to put the Arab
    nations in disarray . So, according to writer M. Mamedabid , the Arabs
    should secretly create and fund an extremist Jewish organization
    that would make Al Qaeda look like Girl Scouts .
    This organization should openly advocate the murder
    of all Arabs , Christians and Muslims in the Middle East .
    Using secret Arab funding , it will go on terror sprees
    and murder gentiles all over the region . Meanwhile , the Arab
    states would publicly declare their support for the ” moderate ” Israeli
    parties , therefore adding to the power of the Jewish terrorist groups .
    The Jewish extremists will start killing the secular and leftist Jews ,
    causing a civil war . Eventually the extremist Jews
    will take over the country , thanks to the secret Arab petrodollars
    funding them , and the West will turn against Israel ,
    which will have been revealed to be a disgusting racist state ,
    and it will then disappear in a cloud of infighting and civil war . . . |_

    I can’ t wait for the first checks to be surreptitiously sent from Amman
    to the zealots of the Temple Mount Faithful to implement this brilliant scheme .

    Perfect hypocrisy by the Arab League
    The best news out of Egypt
    8/06 Links Part 2: NYT Romanticizes Pal Stone Throwers ,
    Israeli Christian Leader ‘We Want to Defend the State’
    Librarians visiting ‘ ‘ Palestine ‘ ‘ show their ignorance
    Egyptian paper says Iron Man story is from the Quran
    8/06 Links Part 1 : Who Funds UNRWA ? , Hamas Accuses Egypt
    of Turning Gaza into a ‘ ‘ Big Prison ‘ ‘
    Algerian MB official blames everything on the Jews
    Jordanian columnist: ‘ ‘ How to destroy Israel without war ‘ ‘
    Another Palestinian Arab hero
    Perfect hypocrisy by the Arab League

    Posted: 06 Aug 2013 07:30 PM PDT

    Today , the Arab League condemned a demonstration by Jews
    in Israel to be allowed to freely worship on the Temple Mount .
    It denounced the idea of Jews visiting the holiest site in Judaism
    as being ‘ ‘ provocative ‘ ‘ and ‘ ‘ against international law ‘ ‘ .

    They are concerned that these Jewish ‘ ‘ extremists ‘ ‘ plan
    to build their own structure on top of the Mount ,
    even though – they say – there is no historical evidence
    that there was any Jewish Temple on the site .

    The League said that Jewish visits to the site were “gravely dangerous.”

    Immediately afterwards, the League also condemned
    Israel’s practice of limiting access to the Mount
    for Palestinian Arabs who are under 40 years old .
    It says that such limitations are “contrary to international law
    and the right of citizens to worship anywhere ,
    and the occupying power may not violate the freedom
    of worship guaranteed in the Charter of the United Nations ‘ ‘ .

    The Arab League suddenly fervently believes in freedom
    to worship – right after saying that Jews
    have no rights to worship on the Temple Mount!

    Hypocrisy in the Arab world is not hard to find ,
    but to see such blatant hypocrisy within the same statement is a bit more notable .
    By the way , the UN ‘ s International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
    has this to say about freedom to worship , in Article 18 , paragraph 3 :
    Freedom to manifest one’s religion or beliefs may be subject only
    to such limitations as are prescribed by law and are necessary
    to protect public safety , order , health , or morals or the fundamental rights
    and freedoms of others .
    So the League is lying yet again – Israel is perfectly within its rights
    under international law to restrict who can visit the Temple Mount to avoid violence
    and to ensure reasonably free access to all religions
    – a goal that the Arab League explicitly does not believe in.

    The best news out of Egypt

    Posted: 06 Aug 2013 04:00 PM PDT

    From Al Ahram :
    Egypt’s interim president, Adly Mansour ,
    had amended the law regulating the punishment for the crime of insulting the president .

    His presidential decree stated that if found guilty , the accused
    could pay a fine of up to LE 30 , 000 ( $4 , 290 ) but no less than LE 10,000 ( $1,430 ) .

    This amends Article 170 of the Egyptian penal code ,
    which dictated that an insult to the president lands the offender
    a minimum of 24 hours in jail but not to exceed three years .

    Several activists , political figures and civilians were detained
    or forced to pay a fine for allegedly offending deposed president Mohamed Morsi .

    The number of ‘ ‘ insulting the president ‘ ‘ lawsuits during Morsi ‘ s reign
    exceeds those filed under all Egyptian rulers since 1892 , reveals the Arab Network
    for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) in a report issued in January.

    Furthermore , it says 24 lawsuits for insulting then – president Morsi
    had been filed against journalists and activists since his inauguration in June 2012 .
    Three of the lawsuits were filed by the president ‘ s
    office with the prosecutor – general .
    Not too many national leaders , even interim leaders ,
    would have the humility to pull this off .

    Maybe the interim government can throw in laws that give women
    equal rights and other Western-style liberal laws that would be difficult
    for subsequent governments to overturn without looking bad .

    8/06 Links Part 2: NYT Romanticizes Pal Stone Throwers ,
    Israeli Christian Leader ‘ We Want to Defend the State ‘

    Posted: 06 Aug 2013 02:30 PM PDT

    From Ian : The New York Times Romanticizes Palestinian Stone Throwers
    and Ignores Their Victims Stones kill , maim , wound and change
    people ‘ s lives forever . Israeli infants have been slain , toddlers
    critically wounded and adults have sustained severe head injuries
    or were hospitalized with lighter injuries , all due to Palestinian stone throwers .

    But the story of Israeli victims is not the one the New York Times prefers
    to tell and is certainly not the one Middle East correspondent Jodi Rudoren chose
    to recount in her latest front page , above-fold article
    about Palestinian stone throwers , entitled ‘ ‘ My Hobby Is Throwing Stones ‘ ‘ :
    In a West Bank Culture of Conflict , Boys Wield the Weapon at Hand ‘ ‘ .
    Quite the contrary , this was a story that romanticized and heroized
    the Palestinian perpetrators . It is they ‘ ‘ not the Israeli dead and injured ‘ ‘
    who are presented as the victims , ‘ ‘ provoked by the situation ‘ ‘ forced
    into this type of ‘ ‘ futile ‘ ‘ hobby , only to be arrested and incarcerated by fierce ,
    powerful Israeli soldiers .

    The Independent ‘ s Unbelievable Response to Complaint from Reader
    The term ‘ ‘ political prisoner ‘ ‘ ù is widely understood to describe a person
    imprisoned for beliefs , not actions . If someone kills an innocent civilian
    in the name of a political cause ‘ ‘ whether that be animal rights ,
    abortion rights , or Palestinian independence ‘ ‘ that person would be jailed
    because of the act of murder , not the political cause he supports .
    The distinction is important . Referring to a murder as a political prisoner grants
    legitimacy to the crime . It is a disservice to genuine political prisoners
    and to the victims of the violent criminals .
    Gore ‘ s reference to a ‘ ‘ wider political game ‘ ‘ is even more bewildering .
    According to this view , the designation of a political prisoner is not related
    to either the crime or its motivation . Instead, it is accorded if a third party believes
    it can gain politically by demanding the prisoners release .

    The Guardian or PressTV ? Iran ‘ s president to export the Islamic
    Revolution ‘ ‘ peacefully ‘ ‘ And , those genuine peace advocates among us
    may reasonably believe that it strains credulity to imagine a brave ,
    new ‘ ‘ dovish ‘ ‘ Islamist regime which will suddenly cease in its coordinated
    campaign of antisemitic propaganda , which includes Holocaust denial
    and incitement to genocide .
    So , while continuing to export the Islamic Revolution by providing a military
    lifeline to the butcher in Damascus and sending sophisticated weapons to terror
    movements in Lebanon and Gaza , thus helping to destabilize the region ,
    we are being asked to believe that the new President will , nonetheless ,
    emphatically oppose all forms of ‘ ‘ foreign intervention ‘ ‘ .
    Iranian imperialism with a ‘ ‘ smiling face ‘ ‘ , courtesy of the Guardian .
    BBC self – conscripts to Peace Now campaigning yet again
    As we see once again , the backbone of this BBC report is taken from a press
    release of the same date put out by the politically
    motivated NGO ‘ ‘ Peace Now ‘ ‘ , to which the BBC report also links .
    This is of course far from the first time that the BBC has rushed to promote
    the ‘ ‘ Peace Now ‘ ‘ campaigning agenda as ‘ ‘ news ‘ ‘ see here , here ,
    here and here . Yet again and in direct breach of BBC guidelines on impartiality
    the BBC fails to inform its audiences of the political agenda of the organization
    it describes only as a ‘ ‘ watchdog ‘ ‘ ù.
    Clearly the main aim of this article is to persuade audiences of Israeli
    ‘ ‘ intransigence ‘ ‘ and to continue the BBC ‘ s already well – entrenched
    campaign to promote the notion of ‘ ‘ settlements ‘ ‘ ù as one of the main
    obstacles to a Middle East full of sweetness and light .
    The standard BBC template slogans on that subject are of course included
    in this article too . Oliver Ston ‘ s Son Says 9/11 Inside Job , Defends Hezbollah ,
    Calls Israelis ‘ ‘ European Settlers ‘ ‘ .
    Sean Stone, son of controversial film director Oliver Stone , delivered a barrage
    of anti – Israel rhetoric on the Russia Today TV channel August 1st .
    He referred to Israel as a ‘ ‘ crusader state ‘ ‘ and repeatedly called Israelis
    ‘ ‘ European settlers ‘ ‘ . He said these ‘ ‘ European settlers ‘ ‘
    don ‘ t feel comfortable in what is ‚Äúhistorically Palestine ‘ ‘ ,ù and they have
    no ties to Israel . He also referred to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
    as an ‘ ‘ American guy ‘ ‘ . ù Stone , who is a convert to Islam , also claimed that
    the terror attacks on New York of September 11th 2001 were an inside job
    and were not carried out by Islamic terrorists led by Osama bin Laden .
    Sean ‘ s positions are not entirely surprising , as Oliver Stone himself has
    a history of making anti – Semitic remarks .

    Egyptian soccer player agrees to play match in Israel
    Salah , 21 , reportedly changed his mind after meeting with team officials .
    He has been under pressure from his fellow countrymen to boycott the match .
    ‘ ‘ I will fly to Israel ‘ ‘ ù he said in a statement . ‘ ‘ Football is more important
    than politics and it is my job . In my thoughts I am going to play
    in Palestine and not Israel , and I am also going to score and win there .
    The Zionist flag won ‘ t be shown in the Champions League ‘ ‘ .
    In the first match between the two teams , which Basel won 1-0, Salah avoided
    shaking hands with members of the Israeli team ,
    which includes Israeli – Arabs . (h/t Zvi)

    Rabbi shot in Russia released from Israeli hospital
    Isakov was airlifted to Israel after being shot July 24 as he exited
    his car and headed into his home in Derbent , in the predominantly Muslim Republic
    of Dagestan , near Chechnya . Authorities have said it was likely a terrorist attack
    by Muslim extremists . Isakov , a father of four , told Israeli media he intends
    to return to Derbent as soon as he is well .

    Panama and Israel : An Unlikely Friendship Panama has stood by Israel from
    the beginning: Panama was one of the many countries to vote for UN Resolution 181 ,
    which created the State of Israel . Since then, Panama has consistently voted
    with Israel , including voting against Palestinian Statehood on November 29 , 2012 .
    Only nine countries , including Israel and the United States , voted against UN
    Resolution 67/19 . Some , such as Max Fisher did , have speculated
    that the vote was more for the United States , because of conomic ties .
    However, Panama has more reasons than this to support Israel .
    Panama has , unfortunately , experienced terror from Hezbollah , just as Israel has .
    According to Tracy Wilkinson ‘ s 1994 Los Angeles Times article ,
    ‘ ‘ The day after Buenos Aires ‘ ‘ seven – story Jewish community center
    was reduced to rubble on July 18 , a suicide bomber said to be Lebanese and unable
    to speak Spanish or English boarded a commuter flight in Colon , Panama , near
    the Atlantic end of the Panama Canal . When he detonated the bomb ,
    all 21 people aboard were killed , including 12 Jewish and Israeli businessmen ,
    and three U.S. citizens ‘ ‘ . ù This attack not only devastated Panama , but led
    to even stronger ties between Israel and Panama .

    UK , France to remake Israeli TV show ‘ ‘ Mom and Dadz ‘ ‘
    Israeli – made television show , Mom and Dadz , has been bought by British
    and French production companies and is set for remakes in English and French .
    The comic drama features a gay couple raising a child with a single woman
    and the complex dynamics of the characters that goes with this mission .
    Although the show may at first sound like the now defunct NBC show ,
    The New Normal , Mom and Dadz stays away from the one – liners that
    accompanied the American series and instead ‘ ‘ focuses on the complex dynamics
    of the parental triangle , layering their insecurities and complicated emotions
    with wry humor ‘ ‘ according to the New York Times .

    Israel Waives US ‘ Iron Dome ‘ Funding
    Despite pledges by US President Barack Obama and key congressional leaders to shield
    the Israeli Iron Dome from sequestration cuts , Israel has offered to waive funding
    protection , reports Defense News , which says Israel has been ‘ ‘ insisting it should
    bear its share of the burden ‘ ‘ . ‘ ‘ Our position is we must bear the burden that
    our American friends are bearing ‘ ‘ Michael Oren , Israel ‘ s ambassador
    in Washington , told the website in an interview to be published in an upcoming edition .
    Sources from both countries told the website that this is ‘ ‘ a painful , yet pragmatic
    price for the goodwill to be generated among longtime supporters in Washington ‘ ‘ . ù

    United Hatzalah Head Tells TED Crowd About Israeli Lifesavers .
    After witnessing a terror attack in Jerusalem as a child , Eli Beer
    decided that he wanted to be a doctor and help people , the director
    of United Hatzolah told an audience at a recent TED conference .
    TED ( Technology , Entertainment , Design ) conferences are gatherings
    where innovative ideas , theories and projects are presented to thousands
    of viewers , both live and on – line . Beer spoke at a recent TEDMed conference ,
    which concentrates on medical issues . (h/t Zvi)

    UN makes Holocaust documents available online
    Scholars , campaigners and lawyers can for the first time readily access
    more than 2 , 200 documents from a largely unknown archive housed
    at the United Nations that documents thousands of cases against accused
    World War II criminals in Europe and Asia .
    The unrestricted records of the United Nations War Crimes Commission
    were put online in early July by the International Criminal Court
    after an agreement with the UN , a move spurred by British academic
    Dan Plesch , who has been leading the push for greater access to the archive .
    The documents relate to more than 10 000 cases .

    Across Forbidden Border , Doctors in Israel Quietly Tend to Syria ‘ s Wounded
    The identity of the patients is closely guarded so they will not be in danger
    when they return to Syria . Soldiers sit outside the wards where the adults
    are to protect them from possible threats and prying journalists .
    But doctors granted access to the children in the closed intensive care wing ,
    on the condition that no details that could compromise their safety were published .
    Like many Israeli hospitals , this one serves a mixed population of Jews and Arabs ;
    its staff includes Arabic-speaking doctors, nurses and social workers .
    In the lobby , a glass display case contains the remnants of a Katyusha rocket
    that was fired from Lebanon and hit the hospital ‘ s eye department
    during the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah .
    The rocket penetrated four floors but nobody was injured because
    all the north – facing wards had been moved underground .
    With more than 100,000 people estimated to have died in the Syrian civil war ,
    Dr. Barhoum , an Arab Christian citizen of Israel , acknowledged
    that the Israeli medical assistance was ‘ ‘ a drop in the ocean ‘ ‘ .
    But he said he was proud of the level of treatment his teams could provide
    and proud to be a citizen of a country that allowed him to treat every person equally .
    He said the cost of the treatment so far had amounted to hundreds
    of thousands of dollars and would be paid for by the Israeli government .

    Christian Leader : ‘ ‘ We Want to Defend the State ‘ ‘
    In the face of severe opposition ‘ ‘ some would say persecution ‘ ‘
    by the leaders of his church , Father Gabriel Nadaf , a Greek Orthodox priest
    from Nazareth and spiritual leader of a forum for the enlistment of Christian youth
    in the IDF , continues to advocate for a strong connection among Arab Christians
    with the State of Israel . On Monday, Nadaf met with Prime Minister
    BIBI Binyamin Netanyahu to discuss issues affecting his community ,
    and ways the state could help him encourage greater participation
    of Christian Arab youth in Israeli society (h/t Zvi)

    Librarians visiting ‘ ‘ Palestine ‘ ‘ show their ignorance

    Posted : 6 Aug 2013 12:30 PM PDT

    The entire idea of librarians supporting boycotting Israel is an oxymoron .
    How can people who are dedicated to acquiring, categorizing and disseminating
    knowledge even consider boycotting an entire nation of people
    who are so instrumental in creating that same knowledge ?

    Yet a group of Israel – hating librarians recently visited ‘ ‘ Palestine ‘ ‘ to drink up
    and then regurgitate the lies being fed to them by their propaganda – spewing hosts .

    It is remarkable that self – described librarians can write a paragraph like this with a straight
    face : We are an independent group of librarians and archivists who traveled
    to Palestine from June 23 – July 4 , 2013 . We come from the US , Canada , Sweden ,
    Trinidad & Tobago , and Palestine . We bore witness to the destruction and appropriation
    of information , and the myriad ways access is denied .
    We were inspired by the many organizations and individuals we visited
    who resist settler – colonialism in their daily lives .
    . . . In all our travels and work , we respected the Palestinian civil society
    call for boycott , divestment , and sanctions ( BDS ) against Israel and did not
    partner with any organization that violates this call .
    As librarians and archivists , as people who believe in access
    to information , we affirm that institutional academic and cultural
    boycotts are appropriate responses to curtailed freedoms and are effective tools
    for change .

    Librarians who voluntarily censor others ‘ opinions are not librarians .

    As a result of their indoctrination during their trip , you can see howlers like
    this on their blog :
    [ A]bout 25 % of Israelis in pre – 67 borders are Palestinians , who
    are ‘ ‘ residents ‘ ‘ ù of Israel , but denied citizenship and legally
    discriminated against , thus it is important to distinguish
    between Israelis and Israeli Jews . . .
    These librarians are so brainwashed that they believe
    that there are no Arab citizens of Israel !

    If they had bothered to speak to any Israeli , they could have found out that they
    were taught and then spread lies , which should bother any real librarian .
    Actually , if they would have bothered to read any books about Israel they would
    have known that this was nonsense . However , these
    ‘ ‘ knowledge workers ‘ ‘ prefer to work without knowledge .
    Their BDS overlords told them to boycott any books that tell actual truth about Israel .

    The group happily posed with drawings of terrorists :
    Another photo they proudly took symbolizes the ethnic cleansing of Jews
    from their homeland ( unless the graffiti is referring to the dog breed ) .
    This photo of theirs shows a map that erases Israel and helpfully enshrines
    violence with the PFLP logo along with two rifles:

    Support for violence ? Spreading lies ? Romanticizing terrorism ?
    What kind of ‘ ‘ librarians ‘ ‘ are these , anyway ?

    Indeed , these ‘ ‘ librarians ‘ ‘ have no problem violating their own code of ethics :
    The core mission of librarians and other information workers is to ensure access to
    information for all for personal development , education , cultural enrichment ,
    leisure , economic activity and informed participation in and enhancement
    of democracy . . . Librarians and other information workers are strictly committed
    to neutrality and an unbiased stance regarding collection , access and service .
    They seek to acquire balanced collections, apply fair service policies ,
    avoid allowing personal convictions to hinder the carrying out
    of their professional duties , combat corruption and seek the highest
    standards of professional excellence .
    One of the leaders of the group , although she didn ‘ t participate in this visit ,
    is ‘ ‘ Jenna ‘ ‘ , who wrote many of the blog posts on behalf of the tourists .
    ‘ ‘ Librarians for Fairness ‘ ‘ fills in the details : Jenna ‘ s father ,
    whom we will refer to as Mitch , is one of the most prominent librarians in the world .
    He is also a former president of the American Library Association .
    We doubt that anyone would call Mitch an ardent Zionist , or for that matter ,
    a Zionist . But Mitch accepts Israel ‘ s right to exist .
    We believe Mitch to be a fair – minded man . . .

    Mitch communicated to Jenna in December of 2012 ,
    during the early planning stages of Librarians and Archivists
    to Palestine . He asked Jenna if respecting the BDS Movement
    was a requirement for acceptance in the delegation . Mitch wisely
    asserted that if it was , that in and of itself would be ‘ ‘ oppressive ‘ ‘ .
    Well , we in LfF know that supporting the BDS Movement is , indeed ,
    one of the mandates for inclusion in Librarians and Archivists to Palestine .
    And the BDS Movement ( founded by Omar Barghouti , who , ironically ,
    holds a graduate degree from Tel Aviv University ) does , in fact , call
    for the annihilation of Israel . Mitch also expressed his view
    that the de – legitimization of Israel was ‘ ‘ deeply wrong ‘ ‘ .
    And he further pointed out that Israeli Arabs are treated
    a lot better than Jews in Arab lands have been treated , since the 1940 ‘ s .
    Moreover , in his criticism of BDS , Mitch noted that he does not
    see anyone doing a BDS against Saudi Arabia .

    Jenna , why haven ‘ t you listened more to the wise words
    of your Abba ( Dad ) ? Jenna , do not your father ‘ s admonitions
    indicate that he may very well feel that Librarians and Archivists
    to Palestine is more about de – legitimizing Israel ,
    than helping Arab libraries and archives ?

    The vast majority of real librarians should be ashamed of this group .

    (h/t Dan)

    Egyptian paper says Iron Man story is from the Quran

    Posted 6 Aug 2013 10:30 AM PDT

    In the middle of a rambling article in Egypt ‘ s New El Fagr newspaper ,
    we learn that the movie Iron Man was actually inspired by the Quranic story of the Prophet David .

    You will recall that Tony Stark created his first Iron Man suit by painstakingly smelting
    and welding metal in the mountains of Afghanistan . This is just like David ,
    who , the Quran informs us , was the first to create armor ! As Wikipedia notes :
    Islamic belief holds that God taught David the making of armour .
    the Qur’an says the ‘ iron was made soft for him ‘ , through which David could make
    instruments for protection against enemies . However, the rule in this story
    is to use weapons of defense only in true war
    ( e.g. , if you are fighting for freedom of worship ) and not to simply
    use weapons for degenerate violence . Later accounts in Muslim literature
    have references to David ‘ s armor – making abilities . God says
    in the Qur’an : We favoured David with excellence , ( and commanded ) :
    ” O mountains and birds , glorify the greatness of God with him ‘ ‘ .
    And We made iron pliable for him . ‘ ‘ Make long coats of mail ‘ ‘ ,
    ( We said ) , ‘ ‘ and fix their links , and do the right . I surely see
    whatsoever you do ‘ ‘ . ‘ ‘ Qur’an, surah 34 ( Saba ) , ayat 10-11 [ 9 ]
    In addition , if i am understanding the article correctly , David
    was called ‘ ‘ lion-hearted ‘ ‘ – and Tony Stark replaced
    his heart with one that is not human either ! It ‘ s uncanny !

    8/06 Links Part 1: Who Funds UNRWA ?
    Hamas Accuses Egypt of Turning Gaza into a ‘ ‘ Big Prison ‘ ‘

    Posted 6 Aug 2013 09:00 AM PDT

    From Ian : John Kerry: Flying Everywhere , Getting Nowhere
    The PLO and the Palestinians have nothing to do with problems
    facing the world . Kerry and Obama think otherwise .
    Kerry got off the plane and apparently concluded :
    a . Syria ‘ s war ‘ ‘ the Palestinians ‘ ‘ ;
    b . Iran ‘ s bomb ‘ ‘ the Israelis ‘ ‘ ;
    c . Egypt ‘ s unrest ; ‘ ‘ the Zionists ‘ ‘ ;
    d . problems with North Korea ‘ ‘ the Israelis ‘ ‘ ;
    e . trade crisis with China ‘ ‘ he Palestinians ‘ ‘ ; and so on.
    Before assuming Kerry bumped his head , like Hillary Clinton ,
    we must recall that Obama sent Kerry abroad and also thinks
    ‘ ‘ Palestine ‘ ‘ ù is the center of the universe .

    Report : Al – Qaida affiliate possesses highly undetectable liquid explosive

    Al – Qaida , or one of its affiliates , may use a new liquid explosive
    in a possible attack in the near future , according to an ABC News report
    citing two unnamed senior US officials . According to the report , clothes
    may be dipped into the liquid explosives , and become explosive
    themselves once the liquid dries .
    This type of ‘ ‘ ingenious ‘ ‘ explosive is particularly worrying to security
    agencies because it would be very difficult , perhaps impossible ,
    to detect , the officials warned . US orders citizens out of Yemen
    due to ‘ ‘ extremely high ‘ ‘ threat –

    Earlier Tuesday , US drones targeted members of the international Sunni terror
    group in Yemen , reportedly killing four operatives . It was unclear whether
    or not the rash of strikes was connected to a recent heightened security
    alert that has included the temporary closure of 19 US embassies
    in the Middle East and four additional American missions in Africa .

    On Monday , Yemeni authorities released the names of 25 wanted al – Qaeda
    suspects , saying they were planning terrorist attacks in the capital , Sanaa ,
    and other cities across the country .

    Israel formulating response to EU
    settlement guidelines before start of ‘ ‘ Horizon 2020 ‘ ‘

    The EU threw a wrench into Israel ‘ s participation in the 80 billion euro
    program when it published guidelines last month prohibiting any EU funds
    in the form of grants , prizes and financial instruments from going to Israeli
    entities beyond the pre – 1967 lines , and also mandating that any future
    agreements between Israel and the EU incorporate a territorial clause
    stipulating that the West Bank , east Jerusalem and the Golan Heights
    are not part of Israel .
    Horizon 2020 is the EU ‘ s innovation flagship program ,
    meant to create jobs and fuel economic growth .
    Israel is the only non-EU country that has been asked
    to join as a full partner , and is expected
    to pay some 600 million euros over the next seven years to take part .

    This is considered a worthwhile investment , because for every shekel
    Israel contributes , it is expected to get back NIS 1.5 in research funds
    and other inbound investments . 63 % of Israeli Jews oppose
    major West Bank pullout , poll finds Most Israeli Jews would oppose
    a peace agreement with the Palestinians if it included a full West Bank
    pullout with land swaps to let Israel retain major settlement population
    centers , according to a new poll that appears to contradict
    the conclusions of other recent surveys .
    The poll , released Tuesday by the Israel Democracy Institute
    and Tel Aviv University , found that 63 percent of Jews in Israel oppose
    a withdrawal to the 1967 lines with land swaps as part of any peace
    arrangement with the Palestinian Authority , even if it meant Israel
    would hold onto the Etzion Bloc , directly south of Jerusalem ;
    Ma’aleh Adumim , east of the capital ; and Ariel in the central
    West Bank about 34 kilometers ( 21 miles ) east of Tel Aviv .

    Whose taxpayers fund UNRWA ?
    The total UNRWA budget for 2012 was $ 907 , 907 , 371 .
    The permanent and hysterically supportive rhetoric for the ‘ ‘ Palestinian cause ‘ ‘
    from the Muslim world might lead one to expect that UNWRA is mainly funded
    by Muslim countries .
    The truth, however , is : UNRWA is almost entirely funded by Western taxpayers .
    With a total of $ 644 , 701 , 999 in contributions ,
    the US , EU , UK , Sweden , Norway , Germany , The Netherlands
    and Japan pay 71 percent of the annual UNRWA budget .

    And don ‘ t forget that the funds from the second – largest donor ,
    the EU , are of course already composed of EU taxation of member states .
    So where do the Muslim states rank ? First in , at No . 15 , is Saudi Arabia .
    Israel allows 285 trucks with goods to enter Gaza
    Hamas , meanwhile , accused the Egyptians
    of turning the Gaza Strip into a ‘ ‘ big prison ‘ ‘ ù because of the continued
    closure of the Rafah border crossing and the destruction
    of most of the smuggling tunnels .

    Ghazi Hamad , a senior Hamas representative , said that Egyptian restrictions
    and security measures have reduced the number of travelers through the Rafah
    terminal from 1 200 to fewer than 200 per day .

    ‘ ‘ Voice of Donald Duck in Arabic ‘ ‘ Calls for Israel to be ‘ ‘ Demolished ‘ ‘ .
    The man who ‘ ‘ voices Donald Duck in the Middle East ‘ ‘
    got all ‘ ‘ quacked up ‘ ‘ over Israel Sunday, taking to his Twitter account
    to call for the Jewish state to be ‘ ‘ demolished ‘ ‘ and insulting its inhabitants
    as ‘ ‘ a bunch of Polish/ Ethiopian immigrants roughly 70 years old ‘ ‘ ù .
    I truly wish Israel is demolished , I hate Zionism , I have so much hate
    inside me with every single child they murder or land they seize !
    ‘ ‘ ù Wael Mansour , who identifies himself as the voice of Disney ‘ s
    Donald Duck character in the Middle East , posted to his Twitter account .

    Egyptian Brotherhood leaders to face trial for inciting murder
    Egypt ‘ s army – installed government said on Sunday it would give a chance
    for mediation to resolve the crisis brought on by the overthrow
    of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi , but warned that time was limited .
    At the same time, a Cairo court announced that the leader of Morsi ‘s
    MB Muslim Brotherhood and his deputy will face trial in three weeks’ time
    for crimes including incitement to murder during protests in the days before
    he was toppled .

    Egypt Independent: Exclusive : Obama agrees to meeting with Brotherhood ,
    sources say Obama would reportedly meet with Brotherhood officials
    to ‘ ‘ hear their opinion ‘ ‘ on developments in Egypt , in the presence
    of Turkish diplomats . Egypt Independent heard from sources inside
    the Muslim Brotherhood MB that Islamist – linked billionaire Hassen Malek
    requested a meeting through Obama ‘ s office manager .
    The meeting with Turkish officials is expected to take place this month .
    Turkish diplomats are expected to push for Mohamed Morsy ‘ s reinstatement
    as Egyptian president , sources said , if not that the Muslim Brotherhood MB
    would be assured of political survival following a month – long violent
    stand – off with the armed forces in the wake of Morsy ‘ s overthrow .

    Turkey Jails 275 High – Profile Opposition Leaders
    for Allegedly Plotting Overthrow of Erdogan

    Turkey jailed 275 opposition leaders today , including army and police officers ,
    journalists , writers and lawyers , for allegedly plotting a military coup
    to overthrow Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan ,
    Israel ‘ s Walla News reported .
    Tear gas was used to disperse hundreds of protesters outside
    a special court set up at the Silibri prison ,
    west of Istanbul , Walla News said .
    The two main defendants in the case were Army General Lee Kuzuk
    and journalist Tonz’ai Aosekan , both sentenced to life imprisonment
    for heading this underground movement .
    Fleeing Syria , Palestinians find little support from their brethren in Lebanon
    But only 7 percent of Palestinian refugees from Syria have regular income ,
    and almost all of them are living with host families whose employment
    prospects are equally dismal because Palestinians in Lebanon are banned
    from working in the public sector and in many professional fields ,
    says Yasser Daoud , executive director of the child advocacy nonprofit
    Naba’a , which works in eight Palestinian refugee camps ,
    including Ain al-Halwah .

    Damascus suburbs report chemical attack by regime
    Syrian activists accused the Assad regime of using a potentially lethal gas
    against two Damascus suburbs on Monday morning , injuring at least 30 civilians ,
    Arab media reported .
    Report : Syrian Army Gunship Fires Rockets into Lebanon
    A Syrian army helicopter fired several rockets Monday at an illegal border
    crossing in northeast Lebanon, Lebanese security sources told The Daily Star .

    At least three rockets were fired by the Syrian aircraft into Khirbet Daoud ,
    sources told the newspaper.
    Official : Israel capable of unilateral strike on Iran , if US not committed
    Although, such a strike would render less effective
    than one conducted by America, the unidentified official said.
    The diplomatic official doubted US intentions to prevent Iran
    from acquiring nuclear weapons at all costs .
    American conduct regarding Syria, contrary to declarations
    by President Barack Obama , shows Israel that it cannot rely on US assurances ,
    the Israeli source said .

    Rouhani ‘ s facade – The mullahs who run Iran and a large percentage
    of the masses that support them truly do see the West ‘ s secular culture
    as an imminent danger to their fundamentalist version of Shi’ite Islam .
    And they are right . Western ideals that value human dignity for both
    men and women , protect against religious persecution and uphold
    freedom of expression are an obstacle to the implementation
    of the mullahs ‘ reactionary dream of creating caliphates throughout
    the Middle East and beyond . No surprise that in his books on foreign
    policy , Rouhani belittles the Christians in the West for caving
    in to secularism without a fight; sees the Islamic Republic
    and the US as countries locked in a permanent conflict ;
    and views Israel as ‘ ‘ the axis of all anti-Iranian activities ‘ ‘
    according to the above mentioned Times profile .

    Plus : Algerian MB official blames everything on the Jews

    Posted 6 Aug 2013 07:00 AM PDT

    The head of Algeria ‘ s Guidance Bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood MB ,
    Mustafa Belmehdi , came out with an entertaining rant about who
    is behind all of the problems .

    He accused the Jews of trying to undermine national stability ,
    stressing that ‘ ‘ Jews look at Algeria as an enemy ‘ ‘ , adding
    that ‘ ‘ their fingers are planted ‘ ‘
    in the country with Jewish involvement
    in the arms trade , drug trafficking and corruption .

    Belmehdi said , during a seminar on Palestine yesterday in the capital ,
    that what is happening in the countries of the Arab Spring
    are an ‘ ‘ anti – democratic revolution ‘ ‘ aimed at striking the stability
    of these countries , which is the result of a global Jewish conspiracy .

    I ‘ m glad that the MB in Algeria hasn ‘ t yet figured
    out that Belmehdi is in fact on our payroll .

    Jordanian columnist : ‘ ‘ How to destroy Israel without war ‘ ‘

    Posted 6 Aug 2013 05:01 AM PDT

    An op-ed in Jordanzad discusses how to get rid of Israel
    without defeating it militarily.

    You see , the Arabs need to do to the Jews what the Arabs
    think the Jews did to put the Arab nations in disarray .

    So , according to writer M. Mamedabid , the Arabs
    should secretly create and fund an extremist Jewish organization
    that would make Al Qaeda look like Girl Scouts .
    This organization should openly advocate the murder of all Arabs ,
    Christians and Muslims in the Middle East. Using secret Arab funding ,
    it will go on terror sprees and murder gentiles all over the region .

    Meanwhile , the Arab states would publicly declare their support
    for the ‘ ‘ moderate ‘ ‘ Israeli parties , therefore adding to the power
    of the Jewish terrorist groups . The Jewish extremists will start killing
    the secular and leftist Jews , causing a civil war .

    Eventually the extremist Jews will take over the country ,
    thanks to the secret Arab petrodollars funding them ,
    and the West will turn against Israelv, which will have been revealed
    to be a disgusting racist state , and it will then disappear
    in a cloud of infighting and civil war .

    I can ‘ t wait for the first checks to be surreptitiously
    sent from Amman to the zealots of the Temple Mount Faithful
    to implement this brilliant scheme .

    Another Palestinian Arab hero

    Posted 6 Aug 2013 02:41 AM PDT

    From Ma’an : The Palestinian minister of prisoners ‘ affairs on
    Tuesday warned of possible deaths among hunger – striking
    prisoners and highlighted that their health had seriously deteriorated .

    Issa Qaraqe said any tragic results at this stage would result in serious
    escalation amid prisoners and lead to negative consequences which could
    affect US efforts to restart peace negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel .

    Hanan al – Khatib , a lawyer from the ministry of prisoners ‘ affairs ,
    who visited the Jordanian hunger striker Abdullah Barghouthi in hospital ,
    confirmed he was in real danger after 95 days on hunger strike .

    According to al – Khatib , Barghouthi ‘ ‘ can ‘ t feel his left hand and can ‘ t stand up . ù

    He also suffers from spells of dizziness , she added , highlighting
    that he also has symptoms of kidney and liver troubles and could
    face kidney failure if he continues with the strike .

    Barghouthi has already lost 30 kilograms ,
    according to al – Khatib quoting his doctors .

    He has been hospitalized at Haemek Medical Center in Afula in northern Israel
    since shortly after he started a hunger strike on May 2 .

    Al – Khatib had noted earlier that he was chained to his hospital bed
    by his legs and his left hand . Poor Abdallah Bargouthi ! He must be a good guy
    for the Palestinian minister of prisoners ‘ affairs to be so concerned for his well – being .

    An earlier Ma’an article , from July 20 , gives slightly more details :
    A lawyer for the PA ministry of prisoners ‘ affairs said Barghouthi ,
    a Jordanian citizen , could go into a coma at any moment .

    ” I saw him breathing very heavily and he began to have fainting spells ”
    Hanan al-Khatib said Friday after visiting him in Afula Hospital .

    . . . Barghouthi is serving 67 life terms , the highest sentence ever handed
    down by an Israeli military court . He has been detained since March 2003 .

    A Hamas leader , Barghouthi was convicted of involvement in multiple
    attacks in Israel . Oh , you mean he was a terrorist ? Who would ‘ ve guessed ?

    I wonder what attacks he was involved with ?

    Nothing big . He just built the bombs for the Sbarro pizza shop bombing ,
    the Moment Cafe bombing , the Hebrew University bombing , the Zion Square
    refrigerator bombing , and the Rishon LeZion nightclub bombing .
    In other words , he was Hamas ‘ chief bombmaker and responsible
    for the deaths of 66 Israelis .

    Note also how the PA is working so hard on behalf of a Hamas bomber .
    There’s unity for you!

    One more detail : He has been on hungers strike since May 2 and is demanding
    to serve the remainder of his sentence in a Jordanian jail , under the Wadi Araba
    agreement between Jordan and Israel . I can find nothing in the Wadi Araba
    agreement that mandates prisoner exchanges . It is a shame that Barghouti
    is starving himself to death . He deserves a much more painful demise .

    Luckily , the media has grown tired of the prisoner hunger strikes
    ( especially when none of them ever seem to actually die , since these
    are ‘ ‘ modified ‘ ‘ hunger strikes , whatever that means ) and no one really
    cares any more about these publicity stunts .

    UPDATE : Ma’an has an adoring profile of Barghouti and his terror attacks in Arabic .

    From Elder Of Ziyon – Israel News


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