Day: 26 febbraio 2013

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Serata dedicata alla cucina (e ai vini) delle Marche quella organizzata ieri sera al Canneto (nello Sheraton di Malpensa).
Quattro gli chef impegnati: Lucio Pompili (antipasto), Errico Recanati (primi), Stefano Ciotti (secondo) e Michele Biagiola (dolce).
In chiave vegetariana si mangia un’insalata di erbe e castagne, un risotto agli agrumi, un’ottima carbonara vegetariana e una mela cotta (di Camerino) ripiena di granita.
Da provare.
Ad maiora


Not a surprise and not at all hard to believe. Hungary has always been known for its extreme anti-Semitism, but then the writing has been clearly on the wall as regards the rest of Europe (including, of course, the UK) for some time now.
Many Jews in Europe mistakenly thought that the restoration of our homeland (or at least part of it) in the land of Israel and our national independence would bring an end to or diminution in anti-Semitism, but the contrary is the case. The Europeans do not want us in Europe or in the Middle East. As Israeli author Amos Oz has commented, in the 1930s the graffiti on European walls read: “Jews to Palestine!”, but after 1948 they were changed to: “Jews out of Palestine!” i.e. don’t be here and don’t be there, or simply, what they really want, DON’T BE!



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